One Piece | Confira cosplays dos personagens do anime!

3 anos atrás

Faaaaala galerinha, tudo bom com vocês? Hoje vamos nos entreter um pouquinho no universo de One Piece, mas de maneira mais fantasiosa, digamos assim… Confira os loucos cosplayers dos personagens de One Piece !

Roronoa Zoro – @mtcosplay

Vinsmoke Sanji – @phoenix_cos

Nami – @blendazanetti

Tony Tony Chopper – @doongies

Usopp – @setsu_lovelydays

Brook – @sadakocosplay


Franky – @equipetekkai

Donquixote Rosinante – @angel_luriel

Dracule Mihawk – @ervan_cos

Donquixote Doflamingo – @cosplayminney

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So last week I saw some talk on twitter that basically went⠀ ⠀ “People seem to expect male cosplayers to have visible abs now but they don’t know how unhealthy & unsustainable it is. They can only do that because they have personal trainers, dieticians, & 3+ hours a day to train. What actually goes into that look is dangerous for certain people"⠀ ⠀ I do appreciate the gist of the message; we shouldn’t be expecting anybody to look like anything, everyone of all shapes & sizes should be allowed to cosplay, & that you shouldn’t engage in unhealthy behaviours for the sake of aesthetics. I 100% agree with that.⠀ ⠀ What I want to clarify is that you can be lean & muscular year round without hours of training per day, a dietician, or a trainer. That isn’t dangerous, in fact believe it or not, working out & eating well is good for you ;)⠀ ⠀ Having visible abs is usually healthy if not taken too far. 12% bodyfat for men has you at Jason Momoa levels of lean, less than 8% starts to cause health & adherence problems. The 8-12% body fat range is excellent body composition for men & the 16-20% range is great for women (generally the range I recommend people cut & bulk).⠀ ⠀ I have never had a PT or a dietician & my knowledge of training & diet is self-taught. I don’t make it a habit of training over 3 hours a day either & I don’t personally know anybody that does. Excellent health & an awesome physique doesn’t take much more than tracking calories/protein/fibre, lifting moderately heavy weights 3 times a week, walking on the other days, & getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night. That’s roughly 1 hour of exercise & 5 minutes to track your food per day.⠀ ⠀ Cosplay is for everyone regardless of flabs or abs. But I will not get behind the mentality that training & eating well is bad for you. It’s one of the best things you can ever do for yourself long term.⠀ ⠀ #BEMORESHONEN⠀ ⠀ Photo: @Nomes_Cosplay⠀ ⠀ #onepiece #cosplay #doflamingo #Donquixote #donquixotedoflamingo #onepiececosplay #doflamingocosplay #donquixotedoflamingocosplay #cosplayfitness #cosplayphotography #fitness #cosplaybodybuilding #bodybuilding #dressrosa #anime #manga #animecosplay #doffy #doffycosplay #nerdfitness

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Charlotte Katakuri – @maekoth

Kuzan – @aokiji.cosplay

Boa Hancock – @nanaatsuaki

Nico Robin – @nekotin.cosplay

Charlotte Linlin – @manamis_wings

Nefertari Vivi – @ainlinaa

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Vivi from One Piece watching over her country ❤️ It would mean a lot to me if you could like the pictures on my account ! You can like 5 times the same pic ?(you can like 5 different items in fact… So it gives 5 likes to the picture). A part of the judging is on the number of likes, that's why i share the link here 🙂 It's kind of a dream to participate to such a contest, I am really happy to have the opportunity to join it ! I hope you like the costume 😉 Link on my bio if you wanna help me? Wonderful pictures by @valentinpictures Helpers : @@allpodayo and @micheltakumacosplay #cosplay #opcosplayking #opcosplay #onepiececosplay #onepiece #vivicosplay #vivi #nefertarivivicosplay #nefertarivivi

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Jewelry Bonney – @strange_porcelain_cosplay

Shirahoshi – @sugarcoateddame

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? "All I wanna do ? is see you turn into ? a giant woman ? A GIANT WOMAN!" ? . . ?by @the.fool.of.spade . . AJ was such a sweetheart and came all the way to Monterey for a One Piece beach shoot in the middle of winter. Props to this guy!! ???✨ I got to live the true giant woman dream and get tons of pics in Shirahoshi with the full mermaid tail! Another special thanks to @sfgjbjdgirl for keeping track of my Luffy figure on the beach, fixing my wig countless times, and helping me slide my feet into the tail after climbing rocks out into the ocean for shots (I owe you big time, babe). I'm excited to post the rest of this set because it's easily one of my favorite shoots I've ever done. I've wanted to do an ocean shoot for the longest time, so it really was a dream come true for this sea geek. . . . #cosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplayer #onepiece #onepiececosplay #princessshirahoshi #shirahoshi #shirahoshicosplay #monkeydluffy

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Luffy – @Matte_rufy_89